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Our Mission

C.L. Hanson & Associates has been providing boat finance solutions since 1991, making the dream of boat ownership a reality for thousands of families, fisherman, and sportsmen. Today, we remain true to our core mission - providing the best financial and insurance services to make the boating dream a reality. Boats are purchased for relaxation, family and fun. We believe buying one should be easy, too. We continually modernize technology to enhance our capabilities to serve you.

Why We Do It

Buying a boat, not unlike a home or car, is a large investment. Unlike most consumer loans, boat financing is something few banks specialize in. The few that do, offer the best rates, terms and conditions for the buyer. Our job is to put each of our clients in the position of a seasoned boat buyer, enabling them to obtain the very best terms available.

We love what we do

Over the decades, our team has proven its value as both the smart financial decision and a time saver, as well. Each of our team members is eager to provide you the highest level of service, while making your dream affordable. In short, we love what we do. We think you will, too.

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We provide financial services exclusively for clients of select Marine Dealers.

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